All The Things That Have To Do With A Ketosis Diet That You Have To Know About


In this article, we are going to talk about what ketosis diet is, the benefits or advantages that come with using it and how well it can help you to burn far for the people who want and will to go to this length to burn fats in their bodies.


When the oxidation of fatty acid in your liver is raised to such a high level that your liver becomes unable to process them all and these fatty acids are taken into your bloodstream instead, then, a metabolic state occurs. This metabolic state is known as ketosis. This is kind of an occurrence will happen when you are on some extreme endurance sports and when you are starving, literally starving and you are on super low carb diets. This is basically what happens when your body is unable to burn its preferred energy source and instead turn to burning fatty acids instead because of a person having no carbs at all which results in major drop of the glucose levels in your body. Remember that your body needs glucose and if it does not get this glucose from its normal source, it will burn down the fatty acids to get this its energy because the body has to have some energy to do basically everything. More example here.


Fatty acids are only partially oxidized when this happens. What this will do in turn is that there will be a conversion of acetyl-CoA which is produced in excess, to ketones. You are then considered to be in the state of ketosis when you get enough ketones in your body. I bet as you read this you see how simple all this is. Ketones are usually derived from fat and your body will use them as a source of energy instead of using its normal source of energy which is glucose. This is actually the whole point of a ketosis diet. For the body to burn fat and use the ketones for its source of energy because the body has to have energy and if it is deprived of carbs which are the sources of energy, then it will have no option but to turn to fats.


Since ketones are a very inefficient way of burning fat, people will usually get exited when they learn about this. You can be sure that you are burning more fat for the same output by forcing fatty acids to be turned into ketones first before they are then used as sources of energy. Get more facts about diets at

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